Manna Pro® Launches “Yolktube™” YouTube Channel for Backyard Chicken Enthusiasts

New video series provides how-to guides for raising backyard chickens; serves as an extension to Manna Pro’s popular City Yolks™ online community of urban and suburban chicken owners


Manna Pro® Products, a St. Louis-based manufacturer and marketer of pet care and nutrition products, announced the launch of a video series on YouTube aimed at teaching both first-time and established chicken owners basic and advanced care for poultry in their own backyards. The channel, YolkTube™ by City Yolks, is the latest resource from Manna Pro that expands its social community of City Yolks™ – where urban and suburban backyard chicken owners and enthusiasts can connect with one another on Instagram and Facebook and share tips on living sustainably with their flock.  

We created the City Yolks community to directly support the growing flock of urban and suburban homesteaders and be the best neighbor to them. We’re leading the industry and continuing to champion people on this journey by providing more resources and ways to engage – which aligns with Manna Pro’s overall commitment of Nurturing Life.™

Amanda Terbrock, Poultry Senior Brand Manager, Manna Pro

The channel’s launch comes at a time when the hobby is seeing its biggest boom, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with unprecedented numbers of households beginning or expanding their flock. But the popularity of the hobby is not new, as the last decade has seen rapid growth for urban and suburban chicken ownership. Today, roughly 10 million U.S. households own backyard chickens, according to the 2019-2020 American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey. What’s more, most people who own chickens consider them to be pets that are part of the family. It’s this insight that inspired Manna Pro’s City Yolks and YolkTube initiatives.

“We’re welcoming to our community all of those embarking on the backyard chicken journey and want them to find success and joy with this hobby,” said Terbrock. “Our new YolkTube by City Yolks video series will help both beginners and experienced bird owners navigate the ins and outs of raising backyard chickens in the city or suburbs, focusing on coop building, chicken breeds, nutrition, bird behavior and much more.”

The video topics were selected based on the most popular Google searches related to backyard chickens as well as the most engaging discussion and content on Manna Pro’s City Yolks social pages. In addition to the expertise provided by Manna Pro from its long-standing leadership in animal care and nutrition, the videos also feature prominent chicken influencers, such as Peaches to Pearls and Modern Hippie Habits, who share their personal experiences and helpful tips and tricks from their own backyards.

Those interested in backyard chickens can view the video guides and subscribe to the YolkTube by City Yolks channel on YouTube. To see what all the squawk is about with the City Yolks community, follow @CityYolks on Instagram and Facebook.

About Manna Pro

Manna Pro is a recognized leader in the care and nurturing of pets, with roots going back to 1842 and long-established brands in companion pet, backyard chicken, equine, and small animal categories. Manna Pro has established its name as a trusted brand for the care and nurturing of backyard flocks, offering everything from conventional, non-GMO and organic feeds, to entertaining and nutritious treats, to poultry care and coop essentials. For more information visit their website.